Anonymous asked: You're bankrupting me! I've bought so much off you, I think I've spent £70 in the last month alone

Aww I hope you find the items are worth it ;)

Anonymous asked: Could I have a coupon code for the multi-fandom necklace please?

Cannot send you the code if you message me as anon, since I’d have to paste it on my wall like that ;)

The ULTIMATE charm bracelet 
You can order either just the books on this bracelet, or the books + 1 charm which represent each of the HP books (as you can see in the below picture) or else you can order simply the charms on the bracelets without the books 

It’s available here.


This just showed up on my newsfeed and I am SO disappointed. Not only does this promote and laugh at the Rape Culture, and encourage misogyny - but it even jokes about Paedophilia.

This picture has almost 4k likes and the girls who are expressing their anger towards this post only have likes in the 2 or 3 digits. The random guy with the stupid comment even has more likes than some of those girls!

However what disappoints me the most is what you can see in the other 2 pictures. There are so many girls who liked this photo (underlined in red).

I could have found so many otherexamples, but suffice it to say, I’m neither good with paint nor Photoshop, but I took the time to make this point. I’m willing to bet anything that these girls have never suffered any sexual abuse or they have absolutely no respect for their own gender. Therefore, for them it’s just a joke. If women are supporting these kinds of jokes, how are we supposed to move on from Rape Culture?

I’m so disgusted and disappointed. 


Customise your own Supernatural-inspired charm bracelets with 9 or 15 charms! :D

Available here.

Remember to use the coupon code TUMBLR13 to get 13% off and if you send me a message on tumblr, requesting another coupon code, you’ll get another one with an even higher discount! :)

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Hey guys -

My boyfriend and I just graduated. We’re saving up to buy our own place (and eventually get married - what so grown up :O).

My boyfriend’s a web developer and to make some money on the side he’s offering to build professional websites for anyone who needs one, at a heavily…

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